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Surprisingly to some, I didn’t initially start writing because I wanted to be an author. I was annoyed. Being a teacher for nearly 15 years, I’ve seen kids of all different ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. Some of them are great, following the “Golden Rule” of treating others the way they want to be treated. And others, well they need a little more subtle reminders, a few lessons and examples on community etiquette.

That’s when I had the thought, “What if I put it in a book?”

And just like that, No, Mr. President, That’s Not OK! was born. I didn’t know it would pick up so fast, but it’s amazing to see that both children and parents are benefiting from my stories. 

My goal is to teach children independence, self-efficacy, and how to navigate through society. With the right structure, the stories a child hears can help them where other words couldn’t reach them.

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Call me old fashioned, but…

Common courtesy, human decency, right and wrong, these lessons should be taught to our kids at a young age. I’ve been teaching for 14 years and I love what I do. It’s amazing to see the kids grow and add value to the people around them.

Still, seeing where some kids start in terms of manners and appropriate behavior makes me think, “Were they taught the right lesson yet? Were they really sat down and given the correct way to say hello, or be responsible, or maintain a relationship?”

I know we all have our differences. Teaching kids of all walks of life has taught me that. But I also know that common courtesy could feel more common among our young people. That way, the generations to come already have steps in the right direction.

To that end, I write. I teach my students and remind my daughter when she needs reminding. I do my best to follow the Golden Rule, and when I can, I help others learn a thing or two about compassion. 

We have this beautiful gift of life where we get to become anything we want. Why not use it to be good?


"Children learn more from stories than they do from you just telling them something. You have to create something they can relate to."

Tracy Waddles-Williams
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